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An Album Accompaniment

Prelude: Exordium -

Our story begins in Krung Thep, A city of winged beings. The peaceful city is attacked by a fallen Thepen, named Amatera. Amatera had been led to believe his attack was warranted and necessary for his people's survival. The charge that was made became out of control and as a result Amatera fled to Saishutani, a desolate valley, in order to begin a new life. During the attack, the city is filled with a plague of fire; any who are touched by the flame are lost... including Tsukuyo‘s mother, Tennin. She is touched by the flames and in her dying words she said to him “Put your hands over my ears darling. I can hear the beating with my eyes. I see through yours and need this time. Scream through your wings, moon light. Put your hands over my eyes darling. I can see the burning with my lungs. Strike a fire this is your time. Scream through your wings, moon light”. Tsukuyo is the remaining survivor, his wings are damaged, his home destroyed, and he's left for dead in a stream. He wakes up in Songkran, a city underneath the water, where he must now learn how to use his wings again.


Chapter 1: Perspicacity -

5 Years later, in Songkran, Tsukuyo is gaining his strength and learning to use his wings again. With the help of Ninjen, Mizuchi, and Susanoto; he does fly again... with the wind in his wings, the clouds become the ground. During this time Amatera is trying to atone for his mistake and begins to create a positive name for himself by helping the towns people with any task. Dubbed the Wanderer of Songkran. He is recognized quickly and often by his mask.


Chapter 2: Contrition -

As Tsukuyo begins his journey to learn about the evil that destroyed his world, he struggles with the realization that he may not reach his goal. Meanwhile, Amatera deals with his heart hardening more and more, because of the guilt he feels for the damage he had done. In the depths of his sorrow, he often visits Krung Thep, which only tortures his soul deeper and deeper.


Intermission: Expatiate -

Tsukoyo hears that the evil who destroyed his world may still reside in Krung Thep. He makes his way there, while remembering his mothers final words and humming her tune.


​Chapter 3: Ingress -

As Tsukoyo travels to Krung Thep in search of answers, Amatera sees our hero approaching. Confused by how anyone of his kind could still exist, he becomes furious and plans an attack. As Tsukoyo enters the city filled with flames, he puts on a mask given to him as a child and prepares for battle.


​Chapter 4: Abstraction -

Amatera attacks. Tsukoyo is caught off guard by this masked evil. A battle ensues. Although Amatera has the upper hand, our hero is able to break his offenders mask, forcing him towards the fire, and revealing the wanderer of Songkran to be his Tsukoyo's father. Upon this realization Tsukoyo extends his hand... Don't drop below, stay afloat, grab my hand,

I'll be your gravity.


​Intermission: Abeyance -

With his attacker in hand, Tsukoyo is able to extinguish the lasting flames in Krung Thep with the power of his wings. As our hero carries Amatera to Saishutani in order to finish the battle, he is reminded again of the his mothers final words and hums her tune.


​Chapter 5: Deluge -

As it is now revealed that Amatera, the wanderer of Songkran, is in fact his father and the cause of Krung Thep's ruin, Tsukoyo finds his strength. Mizuchi and Susanoto are at the Valley of Saishutani as well. They see Tsukoyo's pain and despair, but they witness his constraint and mercy to Amatera.


​Chapter 6: Delectation -

With the battle resolved, our hero is able to let go of his anger and move forward. Amatera's story is now told to all of Songkran, but is not easily forgiven. He, with the acceptance of the city, stays as their protector. As Ninjen gives him a parting gift, Tsukoyo, now content with his past and excited for the next chapter, leaves Songkran to explore what lies ahead.


​Epilogue: Denouement -

Our hero is given a tape player from Ametara containing the song his mother used to sing. Tsukoyo puts on his headphones and hums along to his mothers tune one last time. As he does, he notices a lighthouse in the distance. He knows that this is where his journey leads. Tsukoyo's story will continue in "Land By Lighthouse"


Andrew Brittingham

Protagonist. Born in Krung Thep.


Andrew Brittingham

Antagonist. Born in Krung Thep.


Kurt Travis

Narrator. (Featured in Tracks 1 & 9)


Aaron Gillespie

Born in Songkran. (Featured in Track 8)


Garret Rapp

Born in Songkran. (Featured in Tracks 2 & 9)


Sam Kohl

Born in Songkran. (Featured in Track 8)


Darina Kaytukova

Born in Krung Thep. (Featured in Tracks 1, 4, and 7)

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