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An Album Accompaniment 

Prelude: Efficacy

  • As the curtains open - we see our anti-hero, Amatera, sitting at a table with his wife and newborn son. Struggling with the state of disaster in Krung Thep, the city of angels, he wonders who should take action; if not himself, then who will save his people and family from their corrupt leaders. 

Chapter 1: Flexibility

  • Amatera's mental state begins to break as he struggles to understand what it will take to ensure his families safety in the future. He is misguided, by a General of Krung Thep, into believing that their structure for quality of life is skewed; meaning the city must be destroyed and rebuilt through a show of rebellion. A great flame.

Chapter 2: Craftsmanship 

  • Amatera, feeling the constant weight of being a burden: believing himself to be someone who cannot do any good for his family; or his people, decides it's time to take action. He is tricked by the General and sets fire to Krung Thep - destroying the city, causing Amatera to loose the love of his life to the plague; and his son, Tsukuyo, no where to be found - now lost. 

                                              *Follow Tsukuyo's Story in "Reverie"*

Interlude: Collapse 

  • Realizing the result of his actions, with fire blazing and glass shattering around him; Amatera, content with the idea of his own death, loses consciousness - dropping the mask of his people into the flames. As he begins to wake, the sound of waves crashing, rain falling, and wood creaking - Amatera realizes his nightmare has only just begun. 

Chapter 3: Consciousness 

  • In a state of confusion, after the destruction of Krung Thep, Amatera finds himself imprisoned, waking up on a ship with others who seem to be berated and wounded, barely hanging on to life - their lives being syphoned by the siren of the ship. Two doctors, Ninjen (Garret Rapp) and Ajna (Jonny Craig) are also captive, but enlisted to heal the others on the ship in order to keep their life force available for the sirens feeding. Amatera is seduced by the siren and begins his mental battle to prepare for what appears to be an unattainable escape. Amatera sees his mask, that he believed to be lost, hanging from the sirens throne. A symbol to carry on. 

Chapter 4: Interdependence 

  • Amatera is found disassociating from his current life state, consumed by the sirens song and grieving over the loss of his family and the people of Krung Thep - lost in despair over the fault he carries on his shoulders. Ninjen and Ajna continue to help Amatera heal so they may save the other captives and escape to a safe haven. With their plan now set; they wait for night fall. Complete darkness. 

Interlude: Abscond

  • They begin their escape. Using the sirens own song against her - capturing her and begin their journey towards land. 

Chapter 5: Restitution 

  • Having over turned the sirens reign; Amatera and Ninjen make their way to Songkran, a city under water. Here they rebuild. Ajna, now the captain of the ship, sails the world with the siren safely kept imprisoned. Ninjen now a shaman helping with wisdom and healing. Amatera, now a wanderer, still slightly lost in his grief, places on the mask of his people and devotes is life to helping those in need. 


Dedication: Clouds as Mountains

  • A letter to our listeners about the struggles of relationships lost with friends, family, and lovers and the effects it can have on the state of our mental health. Pain is real, but we can heal. 


  • Amatera, while protecting the city of Songkran, he notices that Ninjen has taken a boy under his wing - teaching him the ways of the world. Amatera often visits, the still burning city, Krung Thep.                                                *Amatera and Tsukuyo's stories/paths collide in "Reverie" - Chapter 4: Abstraction*

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